Antique Audio Service Centre provides the following Hi-Fi services:
 - Tube Hi-Fi repair services
 - Tube Hi-Fi modify services
 - Restore vintage tube Hi-Fis to their original condition
 - Repair CD player equipped with vintage Philips CD mechanism
 - Produce Hi-Fi cables by customers request
 - Produce tube Hi-Fi equipments by customers request
 - Winding power transformers and output transformers
 - Adjust LP turntables
 - Pre-order vintage tube Hi-Fis, tubes, parts and CD/LPs.

Tube Hi-Fi repair service:
The service charge per Hi-Fi repair service is between HKD $600 to $1,200. This charge has already covered the checking cost and the cost of the basic electronic parts. Except some expensive electronic parts are necessary or requested to be used, the total service charge, in most cases, would not over HKD $1,200.

When we assume that the total service cost would be over HKD $1,200, we will contact customers to quote the cost. In this case, we will not perform any repair procedure until customers confirm us to do so. We will state the costs of every electronic parts in the receipt to show customers that the service charge is reasonable and fair.

After we check and find out the problem of the Hi-Fi, and after we clearly explain the problem of the Hi-Fi and quote the service cost to customers, but customers decide not to repair the Hi-Fi by us, we will charge HKD $600 Hi-Fi checking cost per Hi-Fi.

For any Hi-Fi equipment we failed to find out the problem or are unable to repair, we will not apply any service charge.

All of the electronic parts being replaced by our repair services will be returned to customers.

Provided that the serviced Hi-Fi was used under normal working conditions, the serviced Hi-Fi will be entitled 3 months warranty. The warranty covers free checking service, free repair service and free replacement of electronic parts, excluding the electronic parts that we have not applied any repair or /and service at the last time we applied repair services to the serviced Hi-Fi.

All of our Hi-Fi repair services are provided by Mr. Stanley Lee and Mr. Michael Lee, the founders of Antique Audio Service Centre and Antique & Audio Co.

Date of Update: 26th September,2015

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